Calligraphy Paintings silver frame Tabcalli27

Title : SACRE

Product : Tabcalli27

Dimension :

Height :50 cm

Width ::70 cm

Weight :4 kg



The frame,the glazed body, the text written in a calligraphic Style are all in one in an end less continuity.The slping style capture youre eyes in an effort, that lets you experience the pleasure of discovering something new.

The text,standing in awe and written in relief,turns into sounds,sounds that silence let then reach your ears. _Calligraphy painting:silver framework.(catg) Raised handwriting on both sides on treated glass.High quality silver framework.

Calligraphy painting:glass framework.(catg) Paintwork on both sides.the colors on glass harmoniously match the colors on the frameworks. _Calligraphy paintings: Canvass painting. calligraphy on boxes.they are designed in matching Clors and light creates the relief.High quality impoted products.

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